Our Mission

  • Our Mission is to Contribute the creation knowledge and to search for the meaning of life.
  • To be a bridge between the rural- urban divide, taking the benefits of education to the poa and the marginalized, amising at their empowerment.
  • To Encouraging discipline, teamwork and collaboration.
  •  We the Christian minority institution admit all the children of the society irrespective of caste and creed in order to impart education as it is basic necessity of life in today’s world. When there is love in our service we become fruitful in all that we do. The three D’s in the emblem signify the life which we need to live in the Society. Duty Devotion Discipline, Only when these three D’s work together we believe that there can be a internal growth, Change and vision for the future.
  • May every student of deepalaya experience the sunshine in their life and thus be ray of hope for the humanity. May the little stars shine brightly and steadily all though their life.
  • Deepalaya CBSE School is successfully stimulating the students to discover their natural talents and simultaneously accelerate their academic progress. A creative, humble and thoughtful child is being nourished within the frame of an established value based system. The emphasis is on the true meaning of education which is said to be manifestation of perfection in individuals The Students here are taught to be realistic.