1. The School admits children to Nursery, L.K.G and U.K.G & Class 1 to X Standard. The average age of 1st standard child must be 5 years 10 months above Admission to all these classess will be objected to availability of seats and suitability of pupil.

School Fees:

2. Fees are to be deposited by two terms

School Session:

3. The School academic year if from 1st June to 10th April. The School closes for summer vacation from 10th April to 31st May the exact dates will be announced during the year. The School will observe all the Karnataka State Holidays and few others will be announced from time to time.

School Timing:

4. Timing 9:25 AM 4:00PM (Monday to Friday) & on Saturday- 9:25 to 4:00PM

School Uniform:

5. The school has prescribed a pattern of uniform for the Children. Parents/Guardians will ensure that their Child must attend the school in neat and clean prescribed uniform. Pupils coming to the school without uniform will not be allowed to sit in the school.